Blues, Blues Brothers & More!

B-Movie Blues is an experienced 5-piece band: drums, bass, guitar, blues harp, and vocalist.  When scheduling (and payment) allow we can also bring in a couple of horns, to really fill out that Memphis sound!

At its core the B-Movie Blues Brothers are Fritz King and Bismo “Traveling” Beerbelly… our “Jake & Elwood”!  Fritz & Bismo have been friends and “Brothers from another mother” for over 35 years now.  We first donned the Blues Brothers Suits for fun in 1981, and were singing and dancing (and even harping a little) by the time we took our first trip to Chicago in the summer of 1982… driving our first Bluesmobile replica.

Fritz took a brief sabbatical from the blues when he joined the Marine Corps in 1987, but we got back to the music soon enough after he retired… 20 years later!  We’re damned proud of our Gunny Sergeant.  Bismo stayed an active fan of the blues, and finally got back to blowing the harp again in the late ‘aughts.  He also got back to building a couple of new Bluesmobile replicas (one from each Blues Brothers film)... a ‘90 Crown Vic, and finally another ‘74 Dodge Monaco.

For several years now we've packed up our '74 Dodge, thrown on our Suits and driven down to our home-away-from-home, our inspiration... Clarksdale MS, where we've been blessed to be "adopted" as Clarksdale's own Blues Brothers as well!  We've put together "B-Movie Blues South", an amazing line-up of Delta musicians, and perform as part of the annual Juke Joint Festival there in April.

In concert we open with a full Blues Brothers tribute set.  We’ll drive up in one of our two Bluesmobiles, which can be parked right in front of your venue for photo ops if that works for you.  Our Blues Brothers set (usually about 75 minutes) features songs familiar to all Blues Brothers fans... high energy uptempo blues and some bluesy rock, mixed with some slow burning blues and a few fun surprises.  Then for later sets we’ll "dress down" a bit and play more traditional blues (Chicago and Delta sounds), rock, and even some oldies for fun.  We may on occasion have guests to sit in with us on later sets as well to add to the mix.

Our backing band may vary from time to time but our primary band is the fantastic Cold Shot from western Massachusetts: Vinnie Pagano, Jeff Fortier and Zach Pine!  These gentlemen keep the house rocking from start to finish, and make us sound Good!  On other occasions as scheduling demands we'll also play with The Rick Harrington Band from Connecticut: Rick Harrington, Scott Hopkins and Ned Peabody, and these master bluesmen humble us for sure! We've also been blessed with some other amazing talent on many occasions, such as the funkmaster Bobby Roy on guitar, our dear friend LaLa Craig on keys all the way from Darling, Mississippi, Ephraim Lowell on the skins, and then there was that time with the oh-so-semi-anonymous "Doctor Hepcat"... you never know who else may join us!

So give us a call….  B-Movie Blues - Blues, Blues Brothers and More for ALL your dancing and bluesin’ needs!